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Alongside David Mills and Greg Morrison, I’m one of the co-founderes of OMG, which stands for One Man Gang, though it could also stand for Online Money-Getting.

You can see from accounts on my new PoweredByOMG underground Instagram hundreds are having incredible success:

It began several years back when, after a rocky start, I finally got a head of steam working with David Mills as online start-up consultants, focused on free web traffic from affiliates and search engines, with several big wins under our belts…

…And a couple turns of events wound us up with a “winning” infomercial, at least after tens of thousands of dollars in testing…

…But traditionally with the kind of show we were running, where we were sharing an introductory guide to free ads on the internet…

…You’d expect some sort of a “back end” coaching situation, where people who were interested, but wanted more, could plug in.

Problem started when we got all these people knocking on our door offering to “coach” our students. David Mills asked them for their earnings reports. And for earnings reports from the coaches themselves.

Not one single report crossed our desks.

One of David’s big rule of strategy is that if you know things are set against you, don’t start down that path and then struggle to “make it work.”

So instead we asked a member of that introductory guide to free ads on the internet…

…A WILDLY successful member, named Greg Morrison, emerged, making over a million his first year.

Greg was also duplicatable and highly caring, answering over 1000 questions in our small community on a forum we had back in those days.

So we built OMG around Greg, and how it’s a phenomenon, going into our 5th year with hundreds of 5-figure per month plus earnings reports.

Here’s where you can join our OMG Insiders list, to get the full rundown on OMG, and find out where the money is being made right now with free ads on the internet:


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Mike Long

P.S. Here’s an article about me at Coachella, car caping, this last Summer of 16 with some hints that might answer personal questions.